Buying safety equipment

First thing I purchased was a bike helmet. Not an easy thing when you have a large head it seems.

Troy Lee Bike HelmetI take size 62 in headwear & it appears like most bike helmets just don’t go to that size!

After a week or more of searching, I finally found a helmet on eBay. A Troy Lee Designs A1 MIPS MTB.

Not cheap, but when buying safety equipment don’t buy cheap – buy quality!

I spent $265 on my helmet. Yes. $265.

I then turned my attention to buying a bell for my ETrike.

Rockbros Electra Bike BellYes, my ETrike does come with a bell fitted – but it’s a “ting” “ting” style of manual bell.

If I was walking down a footpath & suddenly heard a “ting” “ting” behind me, I step aside a little expecting a young kid on a 2 wheeled scooter or small bike about to pass me, not a massive ETrike!

When searching for a decent, ETrike-worthy bell, I looked on YouTube.

Very quickly it became apparent that the ROCKBROS Electra 90db was what I wanted. It has 3 different sounds, I settled on a sort of “honka” “honka” type sound.

It’s a distinct sound that should make pedestrians look behind them – probably expecting a Model A Ford headed in their direction.

My Electra horn (purchased on Amazon) makes my better half laugh every time she hears it – so that’s a plus too. 🤗🥸

  • October 23, 2022